Pro Footballers Yoga Teacher



Lee Canterbury Evans


I believe in balance, in all things.



It was 2004 when I chanced upon yoga for the first time. Within a month or two I was attending an introduction to Meditation course at the Birmingham Buddhist Centre. A matter of weeks after that finished I was traversing my way around India for half a year. Stopping off at various Yoga ashrams, teacher training centres and silent meditation retreats en route.

“I now have 500 hour teacher training certification and accreditation in Yin yoga and Mindfulness meditation.”
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I teach various styles of Yoga, from powerful Vinyasa to Restorative with a bit of Hot Yoga chucked in to the mix.

I’ve been working alongside Mark Gillett (team doctor at WBA FC and Chairman of the Premier leagues doctors group) to design Yoga routines that deal specifically with football players individual needs. Be it a history of hamstring troubles, lower back issues or tightness of the hips etc. Writing bespoke sequences for every ailment of each players issues and their own personal range of movement. Working with the players either in a group environment or on a one-to-one basis.

Yoga is the union of body, mind and breath. Therefore, I like to incorporate a meditation practice in to my work to help de-stress my clients in this ever increasingly, hyper stressed out World. It can be so beneficial for peace of mind and has great effects on the body too.

If people leave my class feeling calm, relaxed, more flexible and mobile. Then I leave with a smile on my face. Job done.