In mindfulness meditation we develop a steady concentration and deep breath awareness. We ground our capacity to maintain attention by coming back to the moment by moment experience of just breathing.

Then focusing attention and relaxing the body into the observation of sensations from head to toe, whether good or bad. 

As we learn to relax into the experience, we begin to explore placing our attention on awareness itself, investigating the nature of the mind.

Energised and free of tension and stress, our bodies and minds are then in a better condition to take out into the World at large (or on to the football field).

Having had a continuous meditation practice for 15 years, I can personally vouch for the benefits of a regular routine. And with hundreds of scientific studies on the subject, the academic world now concurs of its positive results.

A number of them being;


Lessens worry, anxiety, stress and depression. Enhances self esteem. Increasing optimism, mental strength and focus. Improving mood and concentration, making it easier to relax.

Maximising memory retention, leading to better cognitive skills, decision making and problem solving.

Physically improving the immune system and energy levels and enabling us to breath better, whilst reducing blood pressure.

All in all. Helping us to move through life in a more relaxed, conscious, stress free manner.